Day 27: How do you deal with being around food?

I eat it. I mean, damn. What do you do around food?

You will always be around food that is bad for you. Parties, holidays, work functions, vacations, going out to eat. I mean, food is everywhere - you just have to deal. You don’t need those free candies out at work all the time. You don’t need an appetizer or dessert. You don’t need to eat so much food you need to unbutton your jeans.

If you’re going to eat something high calorie, it better taste fucking DELICIOUS. A fast food meal? Not worth it whatsoever. But a really well prepared meal that you’ll remember? That is worth the rare calorie bust.

It’s okay to indulge. Really. It is. I swear it will not ruin all the hard work you put in the other 6 days that week.

Be on your game 80% of the time. Eat well, workout regularly, get sleep, drink water. That other 20% of your time is used to indulge in booze, celebrations, unhealthy treats, etc. Being good the majority of your time means that being a fatty rarely will not affect you negatively.

Have a cheat day, not a cheat month. Skip a workout, not a whole week. When you build these into your routine, you’re being realistic and preparing for a lifestyle. No one eats perfectly every single day of their life, you can’t expect it. So for your sanity and pleasure, don’t deny yourself unhealthy foods you love, just deny yourself the daily indulgence of them.

Day 24: How do you feel about pro-ana/mia?
Day 25: Have you ever purged?

I missed yesterday, and these just happen to coincide, so what the hey! Also, I’m putting a trigger warning on this for anyone that has suffered from eating disorders.

How do I feel about pro-ana or pro-mia?

I mean, seriously? You DESIRE a disease or a sickness? You want so badly to be so thin you require medical attention? That it’s okay to be that way, in fact, you encourage it? GIRLFRAN. WAKE. UP. That ain’t you.

All the thinspiration and pro-ana/mia tumblrs around make it frustrating on us as “fitspiration” writers to express that THIN ≠ HEALTHY. Being “thin at any cost” is stupid - what’s the point of it if you’re going to die prematurely?

And, as I am sure you figured out, NO, I have never purged. I like food. I don’t enjoy throwing it back up, purposefully or not. I’m sure purgers do not ENJOY the act, but deal with it, which I could not and do not want to.

I wrote more in-depth about this and where to get help, so check that out if you or someone you know may be suffering from an eating disorder.

Day 22: What was your lowest weight? How/why did you gain?

My lowest weight is where I am right now, which I am waiting until day 30 to see again (rather, to reveal on this blog, for the 7 faithful readers who care).

As for how and why? I ate too much and didn’t move. Plain and simple. I cared about food more than my body. And it showed.

Many people focus too much on the number on the scale, though. It’s such a small fraction of what is happening to your body. I have had weeks where my weight did not budge, but I lost inches off my body.

If you are not seeing the scale move, I have some tips for you.

  • Change up your routine, big time. Do something you normally don’t: a hike, swimming, eat something you banned from your diet, go to a new class at gym. Shock your body into new movement.
  • Measure yourself. You will be surprised how fast inches come off.
  • Keep at it. Don’t throw in the towel, sometimes it just takes your body a while to register what’s going on. It will catch up if you stick with proper exercise and diet.
  • Do NOT weigh-in daily. Check weekly, it’s much more accurate in reading what is happening to your body. Bodies fluctuate upwards of 5 pounds each day, between water retention, muscle use, hydration/dehydration and how much you have eaten/expelled(pooped).
  • Throw your scale the fuck away. Seriously. Get rid of it and you’ll stop obsessing. Use a friend’s or one at the gym.

Remember this: your weight does not define you as a person. You’ll still be you, 5, 10, 20, 100lbs lighter. If you’re not happy now, you won’t be then, either.